Extra Bonus Videos

Receive bonus teaching videos in addition to the free report 'The three keys reasons your weight loss attempts haven't worked'

Video 1 - Food is Love

Do you crave sweet treats and feel guilty afterwards? Discover why, and what you can do to avoid it.

Video 2 - Your fat storage hormone

Learn about the blocks in your body, preventing you from losing weight.

Video 3 - Why low mood and stress trigger you to eat

Find out why your mood can make you eat more and how to avoid it.

Dawn is a nutritional therapist.

She helps you address the blocks in your body to weight loss.

Bay is a psychotherapist.

She helps you address your emotional eating.

We are inviting you to get off the diet treadmill and embrace a new, holistic approach to eating that addresses both the biochemical and psychological reasons why people struggle to lose weight and find happiness in their own unique shape and size. 

Are you fed up with diets that only work short term?

Your Holistic Diet is a programme that helps you create your own personalised weight loss plan, tailored to the factors in your body that are blocking your weight loss and addressing your emotional eating, so you can lose weight for life.

We are releasing our first course to a limited number of 20 - so don't delay! Discover how we can help you lose weight for life.